Detectives’ Chase

One adaptation of Scotland Yard Board Game on iPad.

Links : itunes


7 Responses to Detectives’ Chase

  1. adsds says:

    Excelent game but pulled out from appstore 😦

  2. woow.. why do this game pulled out from appstore??

    • carona says:

      It is now available. It came back with a new name. It was pulled out for rights problems…It wasnt an official adaptation and they havent the right to use the name scotland yard…

  3. Samuel says:

    i love this game. Very good features they have given in new version.

  4. Mathews says:

    very good childhood game now in my ipad. now i can play with my family and friends and kill my free time

  5. Jerssy says:

    this game is awesome

  6. This game blows. Horrible interface, confusing instructions, etc. Wait for the OFFICIAL Scotland Yard app.

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