Ticket to Ride Pocket

November 16, 2011

Official adaptation of Ticket to Ride on iPhone

Links : itunes – french video review


Ticket to Ride

May 18, 2011

Official adaptation of the Board Game Ticket to Ride on iPad. Expansions available on in-app purchases (Promo launch : 0,99$/0,79€ each).

Links : itunes – french video review – french review

Small World

February 16, 2011

Official Small World adaptation on iPad. There is 2 optional extensions to get via in-app purchase (one extension is 1.99$/1.59€) .

Links : itunesfrench video reviewfrench reviewofficial app website

iBoardgame : this game is a little expensive but really really fantastic ! A must have !

Puerto Rico HD

August 4, 2011

Official adaptation of Puerto Rico on iPad.

Links : itunes

Neuroshima Hex

February 16, 2011

Official Neuroshima Hex adaptation on iPhone and iPad (universal app).

Links : itunesofficial app websitevideo review

iBoardgame : one of the best iOS boardgame adaptation with Carcassonne and Small World.

Ghost Stories

July 27, 2011

Official adaptation of Ghost Stories on iPad.

Links : itunes – french video review

Forbidden Island

November 16, 2011

Official adaptation of Forbidden Island on iPad.

Links : itunes