Wizards War

June 12, 2011

Wizards war is a simple board game of miniatures for multiple players on iPhone.

Links : itunes


Vector Rally

March 9, 2011

Vector Rally is a clone of the Board Game Bolide on iPhone.

Links : itunes

Trivial Pursuit

February 20, 2011

Official adaptation of Trivial Pursuit Board game on iPhone. Expansions are available (0.99$/0.79€ each).

Links : itunes

Touch Rummy HD

February 20, 2011

Touch Rummy HD is an adaptation of the tile game Rummikub on iPad.

Links : itunes

Tiger&Goat HD

February 26, 2011

The Tiger and Goat game is an ancient two-player strategy board game played across the world in the genre of hunt games.

Links : itunesruleswikipedia

iBoardgame : if you are searching for “tiger goat” or “Bagh Chal” or “moving tiger” on itunes, you will find other ones (free ones too).

Ticket to Ride Pocket

November 16, 2011

Official adaptation of Ticket to Ride on iPhone

Links : itunes – french video review


February 20, 2011

Official adaptation of Tichu Chinese Card game on iPhone and iPad (universal app).

Links : itunes – a review