Official adaptation of the Board Game Cyclades on iPad.

Links : itunes


4 Responses to Cyclades

  1. Utter crap.

    No AI, no multiplayer, no tutorial, 2-player mode only, and some of the instructions are in French.

    Six bucks for what is clearly an unfinished product? What are these developers smoking?

  2. RG says:

    AI will come later

  3. adsds says:

    If When while AI Come then I buy this Game 🙂


    The Company has target to improve original boardgame sales with this unfinished production My personal opinion this is very bad markening !!!

  4. “AI will come later”?

    1. Says who?

    2. So I’m expected to pay $6 for an unfinished product? Really?

    Sorry, that’s not how the system is supposed to work. I wouldn’t buy a car without a steering wheel, either ….

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